Monitor any iPhone in a few clicks and get rid of your doubts!


Want to see the truth past those pesky lies you’re being told?

Suspect that someone is not really where they’re telling you they are?

How can Phoggi help you uncover the hidden truth?

Phoggi is a highly advanced iPhone spy software that allows you to monitor any iPhone in as secretive manner as possible. Not only can you view the entire cell phone activities, but it also lets you track the GPS location of the phone no matter where the target goes. Install the application and login to Phoggi’s user area and in a matter of a few minutes, you can get answers to all those doubtful questions bugging you for some time now.
With Phoggi iPhone monitoring made as easy as that, you’re target will never be able to outsmart you and hide conversations from you…ever!

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What can you do with Phoggi iPhone Monitoring App?

Phoggi offers you an ultimate way to monitor an iPhone swiftly and smoothly. Once installed, the application begins to run in the phone’s background, and gives you remote access to the phone’s data using the state-of-the-art features. Continue monitoring your target’s iPhone and they’d never find out. Click here to view all the features Phoggi provides.


View call history
View call history
See all the received, dialed and even missed calls and don’t miss out on the call time date and duration.
Monitor SMS Messages
Monitor SMS messages
View the entire SMS log with contact’s name, time and date without going through the phone yourself.
View GPS Location
View The GPS
Locate your target and keep the under your watching with the 24/7 GPS tracking feature.
Contact List
View Contact List
See who your target has added up in their phone book.
Get access to photos
View all the saved photos on the phone and never miss out viewing the secret photos saved on their iPhone.
Browser History
View internet browser history
the internet browsing history is easily available for you to watch and be the judge of what they browse for online.
Get access to saved bookmarks
login the user interface and view all the websites your target has bookmarked for easy viewing later on.
Calendar Activities
Calendar Activities
Access all the important dates marked on the phone’s scheduler and see who they’re meeting next and where.


Why I need Phoggi iPhone Tracker Software?

Quite possibly, you’re a parent. If yes, you need Phoggi:
• To keep your kids under your watch 24/7.
• To monitor your kids SMS and get behind the urgency to respond asap whether it’s dinner table or ceremonial function.
• To keep the fear away that your kids might be deviating towards the wrong path, maybe drugs, sex, alcohol etc.
• To keep an eye on their internet browsing activities in case they are watching PG content online.
• To keep your kids save from child molesters and child abusers and even cyber bullying.
• To rule out any chances of ever losing your child in crowded places.
• To keep a check on them when you’re out of town.

Quite possibly, you’re an employer. If yes, you need Phoggi:
• To monitor your employees’ work performance.
• To keep a watch on your delivery staff’s traveling routes.
• To identify the infidel employees and show them the exit door.
• To check who is misusing the company phone and exceeding billing limits for personal use.
• To view their contacts list and check if there is any number that you identify as your competitors’.
• To view their calls history and view the longest call duration they made in office premises.
• To keep a check on their SMS and see if they are sexually harassing another employee behind your back.

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I found out that my PA has terms with one of my competitors. To confirm the doubt, I installed Phoggi on his phone and found that he was selling my company’s secrets. I showed him the evidence that included his phone calls, SMS, and GPS location history and fired him right then. Phoggi saved me from any future loss he would’ve caused me.
Samantha Fields (CEO)

I run a logistics business. Keeping a check on the delivery staff is essential. For that purpose, I installed Phoggi on each of my delivery staff’s phones to monitor them from any remote distance. it tracks the phone using GPS service and pinpoints accurate location of the person. So, it’s not just car’s mileage that’s checked, Phoggi offers a better way to keep watch on them.
Allen Rogers (Business Owner)

Installing Phoggi on my son’s phone was perhaps the best thing I ever did. I could read the SMS messages and see his call logs easily. I kept a virtual check on him and could even see what places he was visiting. Had I not purchased Phoggi, I would never have saved my son from bullies at school.

Tesla Joan (Father)